Overkill, Joe’s Bar, Chicago, Illinois, April 17, 2005

A decade ago, my friends Mark, K. R. Cook, and I drove to Chicago on April 17, 2005 to again see Overkill, the thrash metal pioneers from New Jersey. They were on tour for the ReliXIV album and played an energetic set at Joe’s Bar. The song “Old School” became a quick fan favorite on this tour, which was also the last with longtime drummer Tim Mallare.

I’ve seen many ‘Kill tours starting with 1997’s From the Underground and Below to last year’s White Devil Armory. Overkill is a favored choice to witness live, as they vary their set list and consistently play with passion and dedication. The ripped co-founder and vocalist, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, is really entertaining to watch and usually hangs around to chat with fans and have a smoke. Bassist D. D. Verni is a bit more reserved on stage and elusive with fans, but is an indespensible anchor for the Jersey thrashers. Seeing and meeting the various members of the band through the years have been some of the more memorable in my concert history.

Recently, I unearthed multiple pictures from that night’s concert and, considering the now archaic digital camera I used, most turned out presentable. I cropped some images to remove crowd distractions, but refrained from adding effects or touch-ups. Enjoy the Wrecking Crew photos!



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