Atticus & Sophie: A Simple Reminiscence

2015-09-23 19.10.12
Atticus: 1997-2014 – “Atty was loved by all who knew him.”

The year 1997 was that of my high school graduation and the adoption of a kitten my father named Atticus. He was found by a family friend in a hospital parking ramp and through kittenhood, the tender-hearted, black silk-furred, and soft-meowed feline lived at my parents’ home, then moved in with me and my wife in 2002. Atty, Attyfur, Attykins, and Peppercorn were his nicknames. He rarely displayed agitation, and only ever tried to avoid disputes between our other cats and stay neutral. His dainty paw would reach out when attention was desired, and he would often knead the fabric or body on which he was lying, all the while purring blissfully.

Atticus had a sudden, severe diabetic shock and was euthanized in early 2014. He spent several hours at the kind emergency vet hospital, but after discussions with the veterinarian and time alone with Atty, we chose to forgo a future of disability and pain for Peppercorn, with little chance of recovery.

I love you and miss you, Atticus, the kindest feline.

2015-09-23 19.09.17
Sophie: 1997-2015

The seemingly overlooked beautiful flame point Siamese cat named Sophie was noticed by me on the city animal shelter website in 2006. In person, the nine year old was feisty, with dragon breath from neglected dental care, but that only served to charm my wife and I more. With my sister’s assistance, Sophie soon became the fourth furball in our house. This cat-of-a-thousand faces was the furriest, loudest purring felis catus we’d ever known. She loved to snuggle and responded like a dog would when her name was called. She was also the grumpiest, most selfish, and laziest cat. She loved to sleep, especially in the last years of her life, and preferred animals of the human species. She was provided great care, with dental work, lion-cut shaves in the summer, and a prescription diet to slow her kidney disease. By early 2015, after some vet visits and accepting her age and rapidly debilitating health issues, Soph was euthanized.

My furry friend, Sophie, I miss you and love you.



  1. Real sorry to read that. The fact they don’t live for so long makes the relationships that much more special I always think. Hell, my daughter is named after the cat I grew up with.

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