You Played a Good Game, Angus Scrimm

“Let me release you from this imperfect flesh that ties you to time and space. All that is unknown will be known to you… once more.”
– The Tall Man

Angus Scrimm, Flashback Weekend, Chicago, 2014. Picture by Heavy Metal Feline.

The gentleman actor, Lawrence Rory Guy aka Angus Scrimm, died on January 9, 2016. I knew Scrimm primarily through his role as The Tall Man in the Phantasm films, and was honored to meet him at Flashback Weekend 2014, which I wrote about here.  Scrimm’s 89 years of an accomplished life gave him stage acting roles, a Grammy for his album liner notes, and a cult career in movies and television.

It’s rough watching icons taken for granted just suddenly gone. Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee, Yvonne Craig, Gunnar Hansen, and Lemmy are other recent deaths that were a bit emotional, too. The passings are personal, and the feelings unusual, as the people were not family or friends, but artists who’ve created works I’ve enjoyed since youth. The news of Mr. Guy’s death affected me more because of his warm heart and graciousness, evident in his interviews and in-person interactions.

Angus, thank you for embodying The Tall Man/Jebediah Morningside, who’s as irreplaceable as Robert Englund’s Freddy Krueger. You’ve earned much respect for your contributions, and may your cult status grow to the level of more famous horror film faces. You admired the innovators, Lugosi and Karloff, and I think many fans would rank you along with them. I certainly do.



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