Bruce Campbell’s Groovy Iowa Visit, August 28, 2005

When my friends and I rented Army of Darkness back around ’94, it was my introduction to fellow Shemp Howard fan Bruce Campbell. Cult favorites The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II were watched and enjoyed in subsequent years, but the TV series Jack of All Trades, Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Ho-Tep, and Maniac Cop have consistently been my preferred of his career.

So, it was with enthusiasm that my wife and I attended Campbell’s double-shot 2005 appearance in Iowa City. Each event was primarily Q & A-focused, with “Ash” signing autographs to promote his novel Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way and later in the day, personally introducing his low-budget movie Man with the Screaming Brain at the downtown theater.

We met Campbell when it was our turn in line for autographs, but I’ve no recollection of what was said during the brief encounter. An event volunteer kindly took the seated pix, seen below, with our camera, as time constraints disallowed posing with Mr. Fancy Pants.

New York City, 2008 was the scene of our second quick meeting with Campbell. After his Halloween night promotion of My Name is Bruce, “Hellos” and fast pictures transpired outside the theater before he was transported into the night by his taxi.

Below are the nearly complete, spliced together audio recordings I captured of Campbell’s in-character, humorous, and cynical responses to the questions asked of him at the Iowa signing and film events. Enjoy!

Bruce Campbell Iowa City

Bruce Campbell Iowa City Theater

Man with the Screaming Brain Q & A (free FLAC download)


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