Happy Wedding Anniversary, Jo-girl! Love, Phyllis Diller

Four years have passed since the incomparable comedian Phyllis Diller made her leap into the boneyard. Hopefully, the days preceding her passing were colored by her trademark cackle, enveloped in a peaceful environment. She and her old school humor are greatly missed, especially by the love of my life, JoAnn.

In July of 2011, I wrote Ms. Diller a letter as a wedding anniversary surprise for my lovely wife. She considers Phyllis to be one of her most admired, influential, and respected celebrities. The simple composition was sent from The Heartland of America, with a quick turnaround from the City of Angels. Fang’s wife fulfilled my request for personalized autographs and, as expected, was an exhilarating present for JoAnn.  

This August also commemorates our eighth year in marriage. Many more are expected, held with love and friendship, and flourished with laughter as wacky and pure as Phyllis’.

Dear Ms. Diller,

I write to you with the kindest of words and respect to tell of the admiration my wife, JoAnn, has for you. Our wedding anniversary is approaching and I thought it would be a lovely gift to write to you. We were married in 2008, but have been together since 1999. I love her dearly and am grateful for the people who have a positive influence in her life. You have helped shape her personality with your wit, style, and amazing laughter. JoAnn loves all of your work, but I think you’ll appreciate her particular fondness for The Boneyard and your character of Miss Poopinplatz.

I thank you for years of entertainment and wish you the best for many more! Remind Fang how lucky he is to have you.

Enclosed are two classic photographs I’d be honored for you to sign for JoAnn. We send much love and laughter from Iowa.

Phyllis Diller’s autograph for JoAnn, 2011
Phyllis Diller’s autograph for JoAnn, 2011

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