Halloween Sensory Slashers: Are You Ready for Freddy?

The other Rob, Lombardi, playing an excellent Freddy Krueger in Chris Notarile’s Krueger: The Legend of Elm Street.  Source: IMDb.com

Following a critical knife strike to September, I’m now officially excited to join many millions of others in welcoming October and Halloween. To modestly assist in spreading the fear, I’ll be sharing media that pays tribute to timeless horror characters, and a few obscure monsters. For the first chapter, I present some lesser known compositions I like to spin celebrating the legacy of The Springwood Slasher. After listening to these jams, I’m afraid there’s no guarantee that I won’t be forced to navigate the unpredictable realm of Freddy during tonight’s slumber. To suppress Krueger’s terror, I may need to seek the surviving Alice (The Dream Master and The Dream Child) to help recruit a new, more powerful team of Dream Warriors.

Lisa Wilcox and Robert Englund, 2009.   Source: LisaWilcox.com

Speaking of Dream Warriors, did you see footage of Dokken’s classic line-up reunion show from South Dakota? That may be enough to give Fred another “Who were those guys?” moment!

Froggy Fresh – “Nightmare on My Street”

M.C. A.D.E. – “Nightmare on A.D.E. Street”


Goo Goo Dolls – “I’m Awake Now”

S.O.D. – “Freddy Krueger”

M.O.D. – “Man of Your Dreams”

The Fat Boys – “Are You Ready for Freddy?”

Whodini – “Anyway I Gotta Swing It”


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