Halloween Sensory Slashers III: Horror Fan Films

Rather than wait indefinitely for Hollywood or producers with clout to make desired sequels to horror franchises, some underground filmmakers have invested in creating their own. Occasionally, of the fan films I’ve seen, the results are commendable and prompt the old “what if?” thought process. What if those overlooked and ambitious directors and writers were the ones given the support by studios to create fresh remakes, sequels, or prequels to proven franchises? To add to this year’s Halloween movie rotation are some recommended horror fan films I feel surpass some official productions in terms of fan service, creative scripts, and casting. Some of the movies below indulge the fantasy match-ups we’d unlikely see from Tinseltown, due to studio legalities.

Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable works I’ve seen are by Blinky Productions’ Chris Notarile. In particular, his five-part A Nightmare on Elm Street prequels respectfully complement the official Robert Englund films. The writing is robust, with an appropriate cast conscientiously filmed by Notarile and crew. Lead actor Roberto Lombardi has impressed viewers enough to prompt a petition for his casting in a future Nightmare remake. I hope he’s given a chance, as I admire Lombardi’s talent, pride in his acting, and respect for his fans. His Freddy would be welcomed in New Line Cinema’s ANoES canon.

Krueger (The Legend of Elm Street)

Haven’t many wished to see Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and Pinhead duke it out? Notarile’s early Freddy effort fed that desire:

The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II

Here’s a slick unofficial sequel to Halloween by Darren Jones and Cymbaline Productions:

Halloween: Resurgence 

Jason returns from Hell in Dapper Cat Pictures’s 1995 shot-on-video movie:

Friday the 13th Part X: To Hell and Back

Trent Duncan has made some recent, cool looking battle films:

Jason Voorhees Vs. Michael Myers

Michael Myers Vs. Candyman

Here’s another vs. film, well executed and directed by Brian Rosenthal:

Sarah Connor Vs. Jason Voorhees

Maybe you prefer horror comedies? While Hank Braxtan’s crossover movie is far from the quality of the original Ghostbusters and Freddy flicks, it’s nevertheless a fun watch.

Freddy Vs. Ghostbusters

Happy, happy Halloween!


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