Juliana Hatfield, The Green Room, Iowa City, Iowa, August 2002

Years after hearing “My Sister” on MTV, my wife and I first saw Juliana Hatfield on her solo tour around the release of Gold Stars 1992-2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection. At Iowa’s now-closed The Green Room, we brought our Polaroid camera and unified excitement for supporting the fine singer-songwriter. In particular, Hatfield’s Blake Babies had been some of the beautiful music JoAnn and I listened to during the initial construction of our relationship. Even earlier, Juliana’s voice and compositions were irresistible to my typically heavy metal and punk rock-ears, especially on Become What You Are and Bed.

My fallible memory, aided by our pictures, recalls Hatfield shyly performing on the plain stage for an appreciative audience, with us seated near the front. Juliana’s acoustic set possibly included the songs “Choose Drugs” and “Spin the Bottle,” but whatever notes were truly played, we enjoyed them all.

Post-performance, as a reserved Juliana packed her guitar and gear on the stage, we anxiously met her, took some pictures, and had CD booklets signed. After that rush, and before leaving the venue, we bought a T-shirt and Blake Babies’ Epilogue EP from the merch guy. He made a comment claiming that Juliana must’ve liked us, because she presented an uncommon goofy face when posing. We like you, too, Juliana…



On January 17th via Instagram, Hatfield announced work on a new record!


Pussycat was revealed to be the forthcoming record’s title, due on April 28th.


     Screenshots from J.H.’s Instagram page @julianahatfield


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